Ways to Organize a Retreat.

ways to organize a retreat

Like-mined people

Retreats have become very popular over the past 5-10 years and this could be because of the ‘group’ environment that’s been created through Social Media.

These like-minded people agreed that more human interaction is required so decided to find ways to organize a get-together so they could share and grow their interests instead of just meeting up ‘virtually’.

These gatherings were soon streamlined and due to popluarity became known as a style of a Retreat.

Originally a retreat was a spiritual gatherings where people could bring the body and mind back into balance spiritually and while this is still the case, people have realized the massive benefits so more centres continue to open.

A newer term was phrased which encompasses some of the original and part of the new concept so ‘Wellness’ became a household word.  

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Vanuatu. South Pacific Islands Getaway.

Vanuatu. South Pacific Islands

Living in Australia gives you the fortunate opportunity to visit Vanuatu South Pacific Islands. From Brisbane they’re just a quick 2 hour flight and although slightly North West of Fiji their culture and geographical landscape are quite different.

These islands are perfect for a quick weekend away! Lying under a palm tree sipping on a Coconut Daquiri while watching the Pacific Ocean lap the beach and coastline is a favourite past time. How good is that?

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Ways to be More Productive on a Business Flight.

Ways to be more productive ona business flight

Always the way

Whenever I have a business flight coming up it’s always a concern about the time that’d be lost because I’m just sitting a plane so there’s always an intention to make the best use of this time and find ways to be more productive on a business flight.

Ideas of what I can do just flow while I’m driving or in a situation where I’m not able to write it down. Isn’t that always the way?

Only one idea

Believing something will come up, I trust myself but what usually happens is I have only one idea. There is always the multiple half completed word docs that require my attention but after an hour or so, I’d much prefer to do something else such as a task that wasn’t so overwhelming and ongoing.

Ways to be more productive ona business flight
A Device that Holds Great Ideas
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Fiji. South Pacific Island Getaway.

South Pacific

Fortunately, living in Australia opens the opportunity to enjoy a South Pacific Island Getaway for a quick few days. This is because these islands are only a couple of hours away by plane for those who live in SE Queensland.

New Caledonia is the closest with Vanuatu next and then Fiji only taking a maximum of three and a half hours but these island nations are just a ‘drop in the ocean’ (pardon the pun😊) as there are hundreds more to explore!

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A Few Rules When flying

Do’s and Don’ts

In a previous blog I discussed some of the ‘get to know’ information for booking an online flight and so the next step would be, having some knowledge or understanding of a few rules when flying. Some of these do’s and don’ts can seem a little unusual.

We all live with different cultures, philosophies and beliefs so when flying we’re going to be literally ‘rubbing shoulders’ with an unknown person and because of this we need to consider all concerned.

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Ways to be More Productive on a Business Flight

2500 Flights per day

Did you know that Atlanta, Georgia USA is the current record holder as it has approximately 2500 flights per day? With this volume of flights to choose from it’d be beneficial have an idea of what to know when booking a flight online.

Even if you’re not flying out of Atlanta but you’re departing from Memphis, Melbourne or Manchester, there are still so many flights to choose from. Why not make things a little easier and help yourself to minimise costly errors when booking a flight online.

As we know, time is money so understanding the basics of the industry will benefit. Also, finding what suits you will lessen the possibility of getting caught somewhere; literally or financially.


What is Context Switching?

In vogue

There seems to be a new ‘in vogue’ term that’s very real for small business owners or entrepreneurs. It’s known as Context Switching and while the practice has been around for years it has now come to the foreground for several reasons. So, what is Context Switching?

Due to our work life being so busy and with technology assisting us more and more we have taken on even more multiple tasks but, this is normal, Right?

Daily basis

These tasks have to be completed on a daily basis and as a lot of businesses are simply not in the position to employ a team of staff, these tasks are spread around to whoever is on the payroll or, if there is only you in the business, you’re it. And for the smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, Context Switching will probably affect you the most.

Context Switching is nothing new but is now in focus due to people multi-tasking more often and performed simultaneously which leads to less productive time
Multi-Skilling with Devices.
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How to Get Your life Back.

You’re TIRED and you just want to go home. Delegating business trip tasks to search for reputable flights and accommodation is how to get your life back.

It’s 7pm Mid-Week and You’re Still at Work.

Have you researched and found any value for money options in flights and suitable accommodation plus everything else connected to it? But it’s time away from family but what can be done to find how to get your life back?

You promised yourself that you’d get the travel sectors done by the end of day today but it’s 7pm mid-week again and it’s on the ‘not done yet’ list so it’s going to take a couple more hours, but you just want to go home.

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We can meet some interesting characters when traveling and from these connections come the good, the bad and the downright dangerous experiences which can leave lasting memories that help us move forward.

At worst they can leave a scar that could result in us changing our journey completely but by sharing our travel experiences of the good, the bad and the downright dangerous, fellow travelers would be ever so grateful. I know I certainly would.


Best Travel Packing Tips and Tidbits: The 3 ‘W’s’ For Packing Travel Clothes.

Sometimes it's easy to pack for a Vacation.

Deciding as to what is the most suitable and best travel clothes for an upcoming trip can be daunting to a lot of people so following are the best travel packing tips and tidbits.

Packing for any destination especially if it incorporates a flight doesn’t seem to be as exciting as it used to be. Once upon a time I remember, (Ooh! Am I showing my age?) when we could just throw whatever we wanted into a suitcase and head off to the airport but unfortunately, those days are gone.

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