The Stingrays Made Me do It

Have you ever had that feeling? I have a few times. It’s scary but if others are doing it you know you’re not going to die. The Stingrays made me do it.

You’re terrified

When you first try something that’s foreign to you and completely out of your comfort zone, sometimes you can be overcome with fear. You’re terrified and to the point that you have second thoughts.

And, it was only a few hours earlier, you were fine with at but at the last moment something changed.

Have you ever had that feeling? I have a few times and it’s scary. But if others are doing it you know, that you’re probably not going to die. Right?

My story starts in the Cayman Islands where I was on a Caribbean cruise and we were docked at Grand Cayman so with multiple choices as to what to do for the day, apart from visiting Margaritaville, I opted to take a half day trip to swim with the Stingrays.

The Cayman Islands in the Caribbean look after those who have chosen to make a life of travel.
Margaritaville is a signature landmark amongst ‘Parrotheads’.

Why not! They’re beautiful creatures that don’t have teeth and these ones didn’t seem to harm humans either so what could go wrong?

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