The Story Hunter. A Hidden Treasure.

Treasure re-surfaces

As I write this blog, I’m currently packing and moving as we’ve just sold our house and it’s times like these that a hidden treasure re-surfaces.

This hidden treasure has been sitting in a wardrobe in my office for the last 3 years with several boxes of office stationery.

Over the last weekend I decided that it was time to sort out those 3 boxes.

At the bottom of the box I could feel a huge book. Now I'm curious but couldn't see  inside because I'm too short... It's a hidden Treasure.

No doubt, there’ll be a lot of ‘stuff’ that’s no longer useful as technology has changed.

Instead of treating them like a precious heirloom, I really needed to do some serious culling and not carry them from place to place.

Too short

At the bottom of one of the boxes that I couldn’t even look into, because it was on a high shelf plus I’m too short, I could feel a huge book.

Now I’m curious.

When I managed to get a good hold of it and lifted it out it was like finding a hidden Treasure!!!!!

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