Who Wants to Travel the World Full Time?

We do!!

Hi! Thanks for taking a look. 

I’m Donna, the writer, creator and general dog’s body of Don Jon Journeys and the Co-Captain (on a more practical level) is John and we want to assist you with organizing safe and reputable travel options while still maintaining value for money.

Computers are Not Human

We’ve experienced some absolutely brilliant travel destinations and we’ve also heard of other travelers being caught in some terrible situations that I feel badly for. I believe the travel knowledge that I’ve gained over the years as a professional Travel Consultant has been invaluable, so I pay homage to this.

Our concern is, as more of us move away from booking through the traditional travel agents, we’re not getting those sometimes important ‘tidbits of travel’ like we used to. Computers are great but we also know that computers are not human so they can’t offer information the same as us.

Booking online cannot give us valuable knowledge and tips and so too many people are falling victim to rogues.  Ultimately, what was supposed to be an inexpensive trip, turns out not to be the opposite and sometimes even worse.

The beach at Fingal Head is really only known to the locals.
The whales come in very close to the beach at Fingal Head.

We also believe that while maintaining a standard, travel can still be ‘value for money’ so combining that with organizing safe and reputable travel options through reliable operators as well as picking up some travel ‘tidbits’ makes us an excellent choice.

What can I help you with today?  Email us.

Very Itchy Feet

As seasoned travelers, John and I constantly have very itchy feet and no
amount of soothing from past overseas jaunts seems to help. Every time we see photos of another gorgeous landscape somewhere in the world we want to go. Our bucket list is Huge!

So, we look forward to the day where we begin ‘our journey’ and travel the world full time and experience in depth more exotic places, in a chilled relaxed time frame (with a chilled Margarita 😊) and then document (but probably not immediately after the Margaritas) those experiences, tips, pros & cons  via our website. 

And, we will continue to offer updated information and ‘tidbits’ while still organizing safe and reputable travel options for you!

Reliable accommodation requires organizing safe and reputable travel options.
The boat is for those who want to escape the bliss.

The best thing is, we wont have to worry about making that return flight home because of some pending work commitment. 😊 It’s the ultimate dream!  Do you agree?

Maxwell Smart

So because of technology, John and I can bring our plans forward so they can happen sooner! Yeay!

I’ve finally realized how handy the internet is! Believe me. This is coming
from someone who was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st
century. Ha ha!

It has been a huge learning curve for me but to quote Maxwell Smart, ‘And loving it!’ unquote.

Ooh!  Am I showing our age?

Organizing safe and reputable travel options through a reliable source will offer great value for money.
The canal captures the colours beautifully.

The internet has so much to offer but quite often it seems to be a bit designed and targeted towards Gen Y’s and Millennials which is great as I definitely know that we are not old yet.

However we believe that there’s a gap that needs to be filled and
although we (Baby Boomers and Gen X’s) are well versed on life experiences and possibly well-travelled, there is still a need for more information from our age-related perspective.

Frequent Flyer

With both of us having careers involving travel (plenty of frequent
flyer miles
😊) and my expertise as a professional Travel Consultant we decided to continue to use my knowledge and take it online so we look forward to organizing safe and reputable travel options for you and to make it as memorable as possible for the right reasons.

organizing safe and reputable travel options is the best practice when language is a barrier..
Walking the Wall

With my healthy appetite for more ancestral and DNA information plus with new technology in this field offering us more ‘tidbits’ of family history, I can assist if you’re looking to personally experience the places of your ancestors.

Would you like to see where your ancestors lived all those years ago??
I know I would.

Mine are in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Nordic region and the UK.
Wow! So many places to go and to put it bluntly; We’re not getting any younger!

Our Main Focus

It is our intention that Don Jon Journeys’ main focus is organizing safe and reputable travel options through reliable operators so to see what we mean have a look at the Travel Assistant Kit and/or our personalized and  Customised Itineraries.

I must also mention our Companion Travel options, so if you have a relative that needs a bit of assistance when travelling please let us know.

Remember, I am a professional Travel Consultant!

Not So Serious Side

To keep a life balance (our sanity 😊), we sometimes look from the ‘not so serious’ side so some of our blogs are written with a ‘tongue in cheek’ approach but we’re no Billy Connolly or Jim Carey (bless their cotton socks). So, if you enjoy the read, we’re happy for you to forward the link on to friends and ‘share the larv’.

Light House set amongst Spring Flowers
West Coast Spring Flowers

Empty Nesters

So, with the kids gone you’re now at the Empty Nesters stage so Congratulations! You can focus on your own interests.

And because of technology jumping ahead in leaps and bounds, the interest in our hereditary is exploding so we can organize tours and/or itineraries to take you to where your ‘DNA’ leads you.

Click here for Ancestry Trails and Tours and who better to assist in putting together the second most exciting part of your trip for you! Once again we are about organizing safe and reputable travel through reliable operators.

I’m so excited and am looking forward to helping you!

I’d larv to catch up and hear about what you found with your ancestors so wouldn’t it be great if we could meet one day?

There’s that ‘one on one’ traditional Travel Consultant coming out in me. 😊

On another topic, have you ever thought of doing a bit of writing?

It’s a big world out there and John and I can’t go everywhere so if you’ve 
discovered a place that you were particularly impressed with or not
happy with perhaps you’d like to be a guest writer and donate an article if you’re that way inclined?

It would certainly help other like-minded travellers if you offered some tips/warnings.

We’d love to hear from you so just send an email and we’ll be in touch with
some guidelines of what is required with the written content.

Margaritaville at Grand Cayman
Margaritaville is must visit for all Parrot Heads.

Donna In a Nutshell

Working on the tangled branches of my ancestral tree has been soo
interesting! In fact I’d say it’s a passion as I’d spend up to 8 hours a day: Day after day researching this all enthralling topic and only resting on Sundays when John was home.  Oh! I’ve had my DNA done too and the results blew me away.

It’s been an amazing process and now the information from distant ‘rellies’ just keeps coming in and my Ancestry Trails are looking fantastic!

But to put it in a nutshell: Travel is my number one passion! It’s been my dream ever since I was 6 years old and I’m fairly certain, why.

My mother (a compact 5’2″) was addicted to travel and my father (a tall man) spent 23 years in the Navy so I guess it was a no brainer that travel would be in my blood too.

For years a particular set of words resonated in my head, ‘Get Paid to
Travel’ so I decided that I’d become an Air Hostess. Ha ha. Who remembers that term? I’m showing my age again.

I’ve now got that sorted! I have a brilliant travel career ahead of me so all I needed to do was, to grow up.

Pantheon was built 113-125 AD
It’s so high. Phenomenal!  Did I mention that I had to grow up? 😊

Life’s Curved Ball

At the age of 14 I had a life changing moment (life’s curved ball).

A young lady who worked for Qantas informed me that I would never be able to be an Air Hostess as the minimum height requirement was 5’4”.

I was 2 inches too short and I was devastated!! ☹

My genetic makeup had let me down.  I was closer to the ground than most other girls my age.

I’d inherited my mother’s height, or should I say, lack of height which is commonly known as Duck’s Disease!

Maybe if I spent a day or two on a stretching rack??

A well maintained Vietnamese boat with a reed cover and tied to bamboo poles that look as though they're wedeged into the creek bed.
A Vietnamese boat tied and ready for use.

So, what did I do?

Well, after sulking for a few years (a decade or so), working in Admin and Management I eventually decided to use my wealth of
travel knowledge and natural ability to communicate and became a Travel
Dealing with destinations all over the world I was organizing safe and reputable travel options through tour operators and cruise lines or for independent travellers.

I can talk about my passion all day and get paid for it!!

And, as soon as possible I started travelling the world but full time would have to wait a while.

My first trip as a Travel Consultant was to China. Nǐ hǎo!  😊

As we know, the South Pacific Ocean is full of tropical islands and close to
home (Australia) so the choice of Fiji or Vanuatu with their sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water with fish galore, turtles and colourful coral was easy for a quick week away.

But this was only the beginning of my travels!

Ancient or Historical

Did you know…? That places like Switzerland and Austria have cows that wear bells? It absolutely fascinated me growing up as, ‘Australian’ cows don’t wear bells.

What about the history in Europe with those quaint villages and how old
are those castles again?? 600 years old!!!

One of the views from Schloss Kyburg over looks the small village of Kyburg and the pastures beyond.
Schloss Kyburg is one of the largest surviving medieval castle complexes in Switzerland.

Then there are the ancient civilizations.  I just larv the mystery
behind the Mayan ruins, the Aztecs and the Incas. In fact, anything ancient or historical will peak my interest.

The Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks all built some magnificent structures around the Mediterranean and in SE Asia the ‘Champas’ (4th to the 14th centuries) left their mark of red brick structures across the region.  These civilizations mastered some incredible feats and without any assistance from modern equipment!

Now that I’ve learnt that one of my ancestors being from the Nordic zone, there’s another reason to explore more of this region too.

Oh, but I haven’t forgotten the Americas and the Caribbean – home to the
Toucan, Macaws and Flamingos plus the unique flavours of spiced rums and Cuban food. And cruising the Panama Canal with Princess Cruises was a magnificent experience! Tick.

If you’d like to know more please let me know.

I larv cruising too! To date I’ve done 10 cruises throughout different
parts of the world.

Maybe I have DNA links with Captain Cook or Christopher Columbus? 😊

Anywho, the bucket list just keeps growing!

Ancient civilizations such as the Mayan at Tulum are intriguing so visiting their worlds highlights characteristics about us.
Perched on the edge of cliff.


John in Far Flung Places.

John acted on his desire to travel the world as soon as he was old enough but after exploring outback Australia for a few years with his Blue Healer dog he settled in Perth, Western Australia; home of the Black Swan.  Aren’t they beautiful creatures?

Although slightly side tracked from his travel plans, he took up overseas
positions working in the construction and mining industries where the work took him to far flung places such as the land of the Masai
and Ghana, Zambezi and Tanzania.

He lived and worked in areas where the land was parched and baron but
offered veins of precious gold that were concealed well below the surface.


Dangers Lurking

Living there was very basic at times and quite often there would be unknown dangers!

He had to learn new ways especially knowing what was sacred with individual tribes and of course understanding the ‘Big 5’ not mention to be aware of other dangers lurking in the region.

One story he has, was of walking through long waist high grass in an open
plain somewhere in the middle of Africa and seeing something strange pop it’s head up over the grass.

John quickly learnt thanks to his walking companion, that it was a highly
venomous snake and, apparently they’re usually highly strung.

It regularly searched by standing/balancing upright to look over the long
grass to see if there was any prey or danger around and what direction it
needed to go in. As this snake often felt threatened its defence was to attack; so it would then drop back down to the ground and head straight towards its target.

 It’s a bit like the old ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ principal.

The trick for John and his co-worker was to change their direction to
confuse the snake as it had already decided to target them. Every now and then the snake would re-appear to check and to re-direct

John and his friend had to continuously change their direction until they
were out of the long grass and in the safety of their vehicles.  Whew!!

Now there’s an afternoon that only a few would ever get to experience.

Genie Lamp for Decoration Only
Genie’s new home.

Smells Sounds and Sights

On a brighter note. With travelling to and from these isolated African
locations there were multiple options for stopovers or a break in the Middle
East and Europe to take advantage of.

Dubai has great shopping at the Souks as gold was relatively cheap and wandering through the Souks was an opportunity to exercise all
senses and absorb the smells and sounds of this foreign land.

Speaking of smells, sounds and sights, Amsterdam is a city that has lasting
memories as well.

Other than the age old canals and buildings, and unlike Australia, there was the presence of burning marijuana in the air as he walked through the cities’ lanes which was just a bit different to home!

Apart from the thousands of bicycles, another slightly different culture that John came eye to eye with in Amsterdam, was that people actually do sit in the windows dressed in a negligee to sell their… wares, shall we say?

The horizon pool allows the visitor to be mesmerized by water.
One Bintang please.

Cold Beer or Coconut Cocktail

Another great place for stopovers is Asia, ‘The Land of Happy E…..?’.

The food and cultural experience are unique to anywhere else in the world.
Plus, it’s an excellent meeting point for travellers arriving from Australian

Chilling out and sipping cocktails from coconut shells while staying in
Karon Beach, Phuket Thailand or perhaps Lombok Indonesia will immediately drain the stress.

A simple stroll across the road from your hotel has you straight on the beach and because the weather is a constant ‘need to swim’ temperature, plunging into the azure blue water is the main activity of the day but only to be interrupted by the presence of another cold beer or coconut cocktail on offer.

Transpacific Cruise – How Exotic!

Since firming new roots on the Gold Coast, Australia John and I have cruised back to Sydney from Hawaii.

A Transpacific Cruise – how exotic! We called into Polynesia (Tahiti, Bora
Bora and Moorea), then Fiji and the French South Pacific nation of New
Caledonia. Of course, all the while sipping on a myriad of cocktails (a
different one for each day).


Hawaii by helicopter. Requires organizing safe and reputable travel.
A great way to see the island is by helicopter.

Where To Next?

We have discussed a number of options of where to go next on our ‘travel the world full time’ jaunt but I know me. I can’t make rock solid plans because if something different, with excellent opportunities comes up, (so long as I haven’t bought any tickets) I know the plans will change.

What can I say? I’m a Travel Tart! 😊

So, we’ll just go where the wind takes us – our journey but rest
assured, it will be exciting so come along for the ride.

We look forward to assisting you with any travel related queries. Ѳ

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