Ways to be more productive ona business flight

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Always the way

Whenever I have a business flight coming up it’s always a concern about the time that’d be lost because I’m just sitting a plane so there’s always an intention to make the best use of this time and find ways to be more productive on a business flight.

Ideas of what I can do just flow while I’m driving or in a situation where I’m not able to write it down. Isn’t that always the way?

Only one idea

Believing something will come up, I trust myself but what usually happens is I have only one idea. There is always the multiple half completed word docs that require my attention but after an hour or so, I’d much prefer to do something else such as a task that wasn’t so overwhelming and ongoing.

Ways to be more productive ona business flight
A Device that Holds Great Ideas

Something short and brief would be a refreshing change as I’d feel like the task has been completed and I can check it off the list but I can never think of anything and because my creativity usually arises in bursts of say, 2 hour blocks, the rest of the time on the flight seems to be wasted.

Common theme

After discussing ways to be more productive on a business flight with a few business associates, a common theme was appearing.  While some of us are organised and always have planned, designated tasks, quite a few of us have the right intentions but nothing further is done so they’d larv some suggestions and ideas so based on this information, I’ve created a PDF which is FREE to download.

The biggest benefit while working on a flight is, it’s one of the best ‘uninterrupted’ times that you’ll get and because of this, there are opportunities to really put your head down and think, so the following tasks could be in the realms that require steady focus.

Ways to be more productive ona business flight
Options of What to work on are Limitless.
  • Fleshing out and strategizing new ideas for the business
  • Start next month’s 90-day planner
  • Opportunity to write down or expand pros and cons of new ideas
  • Write a list of people in your industry that you’d still like to meet and pair up with those who may be able to connect you. It’s good to have this written down to clearly see and so the next step is to work on a strategy of how to make each connection


The following tasks can usually be completed while knowing there are distractions around so are a perfect choice for ways to be more productive on business flights.

  • Respond or write up emails. As soon as you land the internet will kick in and the emails will immediately go 
  • Write out thank you cards or notes
  • You could work on a file that is saved to your desktop
  • On return flights draught up some ‘touching base’ emails to new connections
  • With any new contacts put down key notes against their details to help you remember
  • Any selfies or photos taken with recently met people especially when networking, add their name, business details and phone number to their photo. Some smart phones will have the capability to do this.
  • Clean out irrelevant tasks and emails from your laptop or your email system
  • Rearranging your calendar
Emails & More Emails

Daily grind

If you’re the type who prefers to make this travel time more about you, as the daily grind gets in your way of personal stuff, below are a couple of suggestions to help your mind and body.

  • Set or check personal goals
  • Finish that book that you’re reading
  • With your headsets, rest and listen to a saved meditation or affirmations
  • Take a power nap
Ways to be more productive ona business flight
Power Napper

While completing this list and recording some short videos on this subject ‘Ways to be more productive on business flights’, I realised that once you start on a topic, it leads to more ideas and different directions.

Just one small task turns into multiple tasks and ideas so the benefit of being on a plane could be the same as being in your private office.

Business travel tips

Business frequent flyers have some excellent business travel tips so I thought I’d include some to help with tips and not only ways to be more productive on a business flight.

TIP:  BYO protein bars or packets of a nuts to eat on the flight as these are so much healthier than airline food because it will give you more energy, you’ll burn more calories and remain fuller. It’ll also keep the hunger pains away so that you’re not distracted a big meeting.

Protein Bars and Nuts Keep the Hunger Away for longer.

TIP: If need be, bring along your headset to help reduce the ‘in cabin’ din plus it’ll look as though you are listening to something and usually you wont be interrupted.

International flight

TIP:  When taking international flights, to save suffering from jet lag, allow an extra day to arrive in that town or city. This will give you time to have a decent sleep, review work, take a walk in the fresh air and take in some sights for a while as the exercise will clear your mind for the meeting and time ahead. ϴ

If you like these tips please let me know and if there other things that you do while on a flight, I’d love to hear from you.

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The End of Another Business Day.

Business Owner or Entrepreneur

As a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur, organising your business travel can be too much to deal with because it’s not your niche and I completely understand. (For me Social Media is my bugbear as it’s not my niche.)

Context switching is becoming more and more of an issue as productivity drops considerably (refer to my blog Context Switching) this in turn reduces the income for the business. By outsourcing (your travel requirements), not only is there a huge posibility of doubling your investment, but your productivity increases.

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I believe we could enhance experiences and lessen negative possibilities if we help each other whenever we can. I’d larv you to feel free to contribute your travel encounters or just Tips and Tidbits by a quick email with your encounter/s.

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