You’d like to travel more but it just seems all too hard.

Our Companion Travel Services could be the help that you’re looking for.

Your Private Travel Assistant

No matter how many times you travel, there are some things that feel daunting and overwhelming if you’re not familiar with a place, especially if you’re preference of travel is independently (at your own pace to where ever you like).

And group tours sound economical, but it’s the lack of personal attention and privacy that keeps the price where it is. So, this is where we come in, as your Private Travel Assistant. 😊

To give an example of what we offer is: You’ll already have your travel tickets, so we’ll help you with checking and confirming your bookings online and at the station or airport etc. we’ll help with your luggage plus assist at security points at airports just to mention a few.

Using Our Companion Travel Service means that the travel details and even your luggage will be taken care of.
Your Private Travel Assistant Will Help With Your luggage.

Your travel plans can be just 1 day or for however long you wish as Our Companion Travel Services don’t have any time limitations. Your Private Travel Assistant will guide you through the hectic and unpleasant bits of your trip for as long as you want and need.

Companion Travel Service assists travellers that can have difficulties when travelling.
Just relax after your Private Travel Assistant has secured & checked your main luggage and carry on bag.
  • Luggage: Carrying luggage through large busy terminals and railway stations and through security can be exhausting and sometimes impossible without help.
  • Check-in & Check-out: Busy train stations work on a tight schedule so being late or complacent is no longer an option and airports are huge so just finding the correct areas for checking in and the right boarding gate is stressful.
  • Airports are so big so it leaves the question. How long is it going to take to get to the that gate?
  • Cruise ports that have a few ships in port at the same time can have approximately 10000 people converging on them so there will be extremely long queues.
  • Hotels have long queues as well, especially at check-out time, so while your Private Travel Assistant is standing in a queue you can sit and relax.
Using our Companion Travel Service can assist with luggage and documents so can reduce the client's stress
Many travellers find it overwhelming when they are at cruise ports that service multiple ships.
  • Transfers and Day Tours: The more transfers or day tours that are part of your travel plans the more confusing it can be so it really pays to be completely organised otherwise it can spoil your trip. It’s advisable to have your paperwork itemized like an itinerary, (in chronological order) and easy to follow.
  • Alternatively, leave it up to us to ensure everything is confirmed so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

We know that everyone has different needs so if there is something special that you’re thinking of, just let us know as our Companion Travel Services are about helping you so you can continue to do what you love and travel with comfort now that the unpleasantries have been organised.

For example: We’ll greet you at the airport and assist you and accompany you while you’re on your journey until we’re no longer required. If you need more assistance, we can be available for this as well.

If you'd prefer not to travel alone for whatever reason, our Companion Travel Service can help.
Booking online when you are not familiar with the operators can be fraught with issues.

If there is something different or special that you require or would like to do, please let us know.

(As I’m a professional Travel Consultant with years of experience, I can help you with organising the bookings through reliable and secure operators as well.)

It’s only a ‘click’ away after completing this Companion Travel Request Form below and we’ll be in touch.

The details of our Companion Travel Service are checked to ensure on time arrivals.
Transfers are ready and waiting.

Personal Travel Companion

Older family members will benefit from our Companion Travel Service as this means there are more opportunities for them to attend family occasions that are held in other cities and it’s always nice to have them present.

When they live too far away, the biggest issue is, it usually involves major travel albeit one sector or multiple connecting sectors. It can be daunting, and so much so, that it’s just all too hard and this can be the case for a lot of people as it’s the logistics of it all that prevent’s them from travelling.

They’ re still keen to travel but they don’t want to do it alone or it’s just simply knowing that they have to deal with timetables, planes, trains or automobiles, checking in and then finding a basic taxi which is overwhelming.

Safety of our clients is a high priority who book our Travel Companion Service.
A Well Maintained Vehicle is Paramount for Our Clients.

Airports are so big these days it’s a scary thought especially with the amount of security stops and measures in place.

Technology is also mind boggling to a lot of people as everything is computerised so it’s no wonder the older generation opt out of travelling, but if they knew they had a Personal Travel Companion  to help them and if necessary, accompany them, more would continue to travel. Do you know of someone who has similar thoughts about travelling on their own but if there was someone available to accompany them, they’d change their mind and would be happy to travel?

As trains operate on a strict timetable our Companion Travel Service can assist to ensure our clients are prepared for the train's departure.
Trains run like clockwork and wait for no-one.

Relaxed Frame of Mind

By taking the confusion out of travel whether it’s flights, rail or more, we can organise the best way through the maze of concerns to ensure that you or your family member travels in a more relaxed frame of mind.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please complete the basic details on the Companion Travel Request Form below.

NB: (We do not have any medical qualifications so am unable to assist medically)

If you need assistance checking into a cruise, our Companion Travel Services will ensure everything is above board.
Our Companion Travel Services won’t leave you alone like a ship in the ocean.

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Pricing – Companion Travel

Pricing is based on the number of people travelling, the number of days and any other inclusions.

As there are so many variables, each request is priced individually.

Please complete the form below with any comments and submit. I will be in touch as soon as possible.

While communication is designed to be by email, I may need to contact you by phone.

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