Personalized/Customized Itinerary

Customized itineraries or personalized Itineraries are extremely popular as
they make for ease of information throughout your journey.

After you have booked your trip sectors from either using the information that you received from your Travel Assistant Kit, or you have researched
yourself, we can set out your travel plans in chronological order which will
make it easier to follow as opposed to searching for a dozen pieces of paper.  

Customizing the itinerary is the best way to go.  No Stressing.

Who wants to stress while on a holiday?

Complete the details and we’ll contact you.

We can begin to customize your itinerary nce you have confirmed and paid deposits on your bookings but it is best to wait until all monies have been paid on your bookings.

Customized Itinerary Form

The information below is required to be completed. Please
include all details as well as any comments and submit below.

Following is
a pricing guide which is based on 2 people only.

Other pricing will be decided and calculated specifically to suit the number of people travelling, the number of days and the amount of detail.

Pricing – Personalised/Customised Itinerary 

Itinerary (1 Itinerary only): 2 people travelling; 

(0-3 days in duration, $259USD), (4 -7 days in duration, $499USD),

(8-13 days in duration, $595USD)

14 days and over or for more people travelling price is available on request.

For longer and more complex itineraries, please include in the comments and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

While communication is designed to be by email, we may need to contact you by phone.

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