As a travel consultant I’ve always larved to help with anything travel such as Tips and Tidbits and find honest and trustworthy operators as there seems to more and more unscrupulous businesses out there ready to take your money.

We offer ‘value for money’ options, suggest ‘reputable operators’ and work hard to avoid scammers. Everybody deserves to a great holiday and not have their hard-earned $ taken from them.

Our focus is you as our priority to have positive memorable experiences.

Forget about ‘Around the world in 80 days’. It can be done in just a couple of days!! (If you truly wanted to you can 😊) There’s so much to see and experience!

It’s an opportunity that’s just waiting for us!

As Shakespeare said ‘The world is your oyster’ so go!

And we’d larv to help you so if you have a question please feel free to email us.

Our Personal Opinion

Any suggestions or recommendations that we give are purely based on our own experiences and thoughts so we cannot be responsible should your experiences differ.

Taking Sunrise Photos captures a time of the day that offers peace and tranquility for meditation.
A quiet spot to meditate and breathe in the fresh sea air.

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