Vernazza. One of the 5 beautiful towns of Chinque Terre.
Looking across the bay.
Standing on the white sand overlooking the blue lagoon towards  the wave break of the Pacific Ocean, my eyes squinted in the bright sunlight.
Aitutaki Lagoon Cook Islands
So much history. If only the walls could talk.
Taking Sunrise Photos of the Sun's Golden Glow as it refelcted in the broken surfaces of the sea.
As the sun rose over the horizon and onto the beach seagulls scurried across the water logged sand grabbing morsels of food.
The Acropolis is where Athens originally settled in 3000BC so to make a life of travel can ensure time is allowed to fully discover this city's history.
Athens origins date back to 3000BC.
This photo represents serenity.
Sunflowers on the Northern NSW coast stand strong and turns toward the sun while bees collect the pollen.
The Sunflower stands tall as it turns it’s golden yellow face towards the sun.
Taking sunrise photos is of more than the sun as the Galahs were happy to pose while they looked on and from the top of the branches.
The Galahs enjoy being present to watch the rising of the sun which enriched their pink colour to a crimson.
Taking Sunrise photos over the broadwater which is reflecting a rich golden yellow and orange.
As the sunrise burst into colour across the sky and water two kayakers entered the scene.
Make a life of travel and see the the islands of the South Pacific by cruise ship.
The choice is yours. Cruise to the South Pacific Islands or fly.

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