Need eyes in the back of my head

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This experience was in Xian, the base for those wanting to see the world renown Terracotta Soldiers and it’s something I’ve wanted to see.

I was soo excited but first we were taken to the city wall that was built to protect Xian from invaders but on this day I needed eyes in the back of my head.

Once at the top of this massive structure, we wandered freely and my backpack was balanced and fully loaded for me to carry safely. Succumbed


Wandering on my own, I ended up in a building that housed a group of small stalls that sold trinkety things where I was succumbed by a stall worker.

Never assume that everyone has the same beliefs that I do such as honesty and in this case I needed eyes in the back of my head.
Looking across a section of the Wall in Xian.

She chatted to me for quite a while trying to sell something all the while she maintained my attention by being fixated on me to prevent me from moving. This seemed strange at the time but I just brushed it off a few minutes later.

Anywho, I didn’t end up buying anything and just walked away.

I didn’t remove my backpack until we boarded the bus and it was then that I noticed that the zipper was open about 6 inches.

As the bus moved off, I felt the blood drain from my face and quickly began looking for my purse.

Don Jon Journeys
Don Jon Journeys

Whew; it was there! Saved by a brown paper bag.

My purse was at the bottom of the backpack, below a packed lunch but normally it’s at the top. I always had the two zipper heads meeting at the top for easy access; but not any more.

TIP: The closed zips now sit on the side, near my elbow. They’ll have to bump my arm first to get to my valuables.

LESSON: I can relate this with work. Never assume that everyone has the same ideas and thoughts that you do.


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National Geographic have a short video on the Terracotta Soldiers.

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