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Do’s and Don’ts

In a previous blog I discussed some of the ‘get to know’ information for booking an online flight and so the next step would be, having some knowledge or understanding of a few rules when flying. Some of these do’s and don’ts can seem a little unusual.

We all live with different cultures, philosophies and beliefs so when flying we’re going to be literally ‘rubbing shoulders’ with an unknown person and because of this we need to consider all concerned.

Set of standards

To assist with finding a happy medium for all passengers the airlines have their own set of standards with an expectation for our safety and comfort, we must all abide by.  If you’re found to be attempting to ‘bend’ those regulations, a representative of the airline will enforce them, and at worst, that means you could be refused boarding.

We all live with different cultures and beliefs so there are a few rules when flying as often we’re going to be shoulder to shoulder with a stranger.
Reverse Thrust

Offensive clothing

There seems to be a whole gamut of what is deemed to be offensive clothing. A t-shirt is quite ok but as one of the few rules when flying so if there are pictures or wording that are deemed to be offensive, the passenger will be asked to cover it, change it or turn it inside out (before boarding).

Women’s shorts and dresses/skirts need to ensure that the lower abdomen and upper legs are covered when standing and sitting.

Some airlines will accept wearing thongs/flip flops on board but others do not so it is important to check with the specific airline.

We all live with different cultures and beliefs so there are a few rules when flying as often we’re going to be shoulder to shoulder with a stranger.
Clothing must not be Offensive

Offensive smelling food

There are some smells that a few of us just cannot cope with that can cause at worst, us to become ill so as a precautionary measure you will be asked not to bring any offensive smelling food on board the flight.

Personal hygiene

Due to the confined space of an aircraft, personal hygiene is extremely important as unpleasant smells can create a lot unhappy passengers and this includes strong perfumes.

They can have a similar re-action and cause an illness so if the airlines deem this to be a problem and offensive to other passengers, you could be refused boarding. As one of the few rules when flying, it’s best to ensure showering is a priority and not wear over-powering perfume.

A Dish of Kimchi

Odorous concerns

Some other odorous concerns can be the food that’s been consumed the night before and so it’s advisable for everyone’s comfort to avoid consuming strong smelling foods up to 12 hours prior to flying.

Health Perspective

Once again due to the confinement of aircraft and long flights, health regulations have advised passengers of some concerns. It is advisable for passengers to seek medical advice if already have medical conditions as outcomes of flying could aggrevated some pre-existing issues.

Extreme temperature

The following may not be one of the airlines rules but it does play a big role to our overall comfort.

We all live with different cultures and beliefs so there are a few rules when flying as often we’re going to be shoulder to shoulder with a stranger.
Travel Blanket

Even though the outside weather where you’re boarding or where you’re going to might be a tropical balmy evening, during the flight there could be an extreme temperature change and so for comfort, it is suggested to dress in layers.

Once it was a standard routine to be given a blanket by the crew because the air conditioning would become extremely cold so for me as one of a few rules when flying my travel bag was prepared with a pair of socks.

Air conditioning

In saying that; my recent return flights to Toronto have me re-thinking this and I ask the question. Have airlines realized that air-conditioning costs money???  In 3 of my 4 recent flights, I wasn’t cold so my socks and blanket were not even pulled out of the bag which leaves me to believe only the one thing. Have the airlines decided that it’s cheaper to keep the in-cabin air temperature warmer?

And again, on another flight, I was carrying a coat which could serve as my blanket and once again, the in-cabin air wasn’t that cold.  

We all live with different cultures and beliefs so there are a few rules when flying as often we’re going to be shoulder to shoulder with a stranger.
Flight socks

Manage my attire

When it comes to travelling, massive temperature variations albeit in-cabin or outside, it became an issue for me as I need to feel comfortable so working out how I was going to manage my attire from one extreme to the other would be stuck at the back of my mind for ages.

I recall a trip flying (in the month of April) from windy San Francisco at 1.00am to steamy Acapulco arriving at 11.00am to 30° heat was one of those trips. I eventually decided to wear boots, jeans, scarf, woolen top over a singlet and a coat and as soon as possible after landing, I removed the woolen top and tied it around my waist (no doubt a fashion Faux pas) plus strapped the scarf and coat to the suitcase.

Avoid tight clothing

With a relaxed fashion sense being the norm these days, there’s no need to dress as formally as it once was in the 1960’s and as medical studies have shown, it’s strongly recommended to avoid tight clothing and to keep as comfortable as possible. Yay! I say. No more tight waistlines and no cutting off the circulation at the hips by tight pants as loose clothing is the healthiest way to go.

We all live with different cultures and beliefs so there are a few rules when flying as often we’re going to be shoulder to shoulder with a stranger.
comfy Clothes


On the topic of circulation it’s advisable to drink lots of water and move around regularly even though it is difficult on a plane.  As most people understand DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a serious concern I’ve included a link from a medical website with information.

On a flight from Australia to Europe I found it was too difficult to make regular trips to the loo so I opted not to drink much water at all over that 24 hour period and when it was time to ‘go’ I held on for as long as possible which meant I wasn’t moving much at all.  What I discovered upon returning home was, my legs were swollen from the ankles to above the knees and one took a full week to settle. Oh dear.

Compression socks

From then on, I opted to wear compression socks or well-fitting pantyhose, continue to drink my 2-3 litres of water daily and am now happy to move around the plane keeping my health as a priority.

TIP: Choose an aisle seat whenever you can. It’s so easy to get up whenever you want. Besides, a lot of the time international flying is in the dark so there’s nothing to see in a window seat.

Comfy Flats

Comfy flats

I’m a big lover of fashion and it seems that comfy flats are in vogue so that works well with health advice. It is suggested to wear flat shoes for our feet’s benefit when flying so ladies, keep the heels for that fancy night out.

So often (in my earlier years) I wore those trendy shoes with gorgeous heels on the plane only to find I had an issue when disembarking.

You see, I’d slipped them off during the flight and then couldn’t put them back on due to swelling of my feet. 😊 Soo many times, I did the same thing.

TIP: Lace up shoes are great as they allow for swelling.

TIP: Also, I have a pair of ankle boots that are half a size larger than my other shoes to cope with the thick winter socks, so I’ve found that they work exceptionally well for air travel and the swelling that goes with it.

Reading Glasses are More comfortable during a Long-haul Flight.

Contact Lenses

As one of the important rules when flying is, it’s advisable to keep contact lenses packed away and wear glasses when flying as the air-conditioning can dry the eyes out.

Travel gear

When flying another of the important rules when flying is there is some travel gear that I feel is a must. For the short flights the bare minimum is a neck pillow otherwise the whole plane will be serenaded by my snoring as soon as my head tilts and my mouth opens. 😊

Save the neck pain and carry one a pillow. For the past 10 years I’ve carried an inflatable neck rest support/pillow that has an added benefit.  It can be inflated to any size for extra comfort plus once I’m off the plane, I no longer have it clinging to me as it’s already packed away and out of sight.

We all live with different cultures and beliefs so there are a few rules when flying as often we’re going to be shoulder to shoulder with a stranger.
Travel Pillow


Bring your own Earplugs that way you know that they will fit so you can listen comfortably to your preferred show or used to block out someone’s snoring…

The one other thing that is important is bottles of water. So I can take a drink whenever I feel the need to instead waiting for take-off and the standard routine to be completed before I can have a drink as this can be 40 minutes.

Those long-haul flights must be taken seriously so don’t be the ‘tough guy’ as you will need a few pieces of comfort.


And of course, of the more serious rules when flying is to keep your valuables (passport, credit card, cash) safe.

We all live with different cultures and beliefs so there are a few rules when flying as often we’re going to be shoulder to shoulder with a stranger.
Keep Personals on the Body while Sleeping.

TIP: It’s best to keep them on your person. The reason for this is: keeping them in a bag can make it easy to access for anyone while you’re sleeping.ϴ

As a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur, organising your business travel can be too much to deal with because it’s not your niche and I completely understand. (Social Media is my bugbear as it’s not my niche.)

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