The Story Hunter. Ancestors Stories.


Searching for my roots through our Family Tree is a long time passion and I can spend hours and hours researching for the next bit of information. So it seems that The Story Hunter is well suited to me as I scour for Ancestors stories.

I watch every episode of the show where celebrities have their ancestry researched religiously. Even re-runs and this is because I just larv hearing about what our ancestors did whether they’re mine or someone elses.

Now my journey has directed me towards researching and creating ancestors stories and through finding this information I am having so much fun.

The Story Hunter

I am soo excited because being The Story Hunter, I can do this full time!

It all started a few years ago with an old family photo album that was given to me. I was amazed and wondered who were these people so I began the exciting journey.

Within a few months, I’d come across so many ‘pearls’ of information. It’s an absolute treasure trove!!

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