A Right Royal or a Pain in the Butt.

Royalty and ancestors

After having a lazy morning on social media and the internet, I came across a site where the topic of royalty and ancestors popped up. The question arose, ‘Who is related to royalty?’

It was like flooded gates had opened. Quite a few people came forward from those who have already done the research. The question I have; is having royal ancestors a right royal or a pain in the butt?

Is having royal ancestors a right royal or a pain in the butt? When asked 'who has royal ancestors?' The responses flooded in as a lot do have 'blue blood'.

I was quite surprised by the response to find that with one simple question, of those who replied approximately 20 people said they had royals as ancestors and a few with multiple ancestors, but I guess that would make sense as they are related to each other. 😊

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WW2. With Fingers Crossed.

WW2 ancestors

Within one week, I’ve heard 2 stories about WW2 ancestors who through receiving a kind action had their lives profoundly changed even though no-one really knew if there would be any consequences. To put it simply. They went ahead with fingers crossed and holding their breaths. 

As an Australian with Polish ancestors, I was extremely touched by these stories.

I’ve heard stories about WW2 ancestors who through receiving kind actions had their lives profoundly changed so with fingers crossed they took the chance.

Recently on SBS there’s been a program that’s specifically focused on the stories of WW1 and WW2 ancestors. It has similar structure to the program ‘Who Do You Think You Are’.

The general consensus is, interested celebrities are having their family’s ancestors’ stories researched and recorded for a television program.

One story that was told, was about a British actress’s (apologies for not remembering her name) Grandfather who worked in the Spanish Embassy based in France during WW2. 

His story was about how he unknowingly, saved hundreds of Polish Jews’ lives as they were fleeing Europe via Spain to board a ship in Portugal which was bound for the USA.

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The Challenge of Deciphering the Names.

Foreign countries

When searching ancestors in foreign countries the challenge of deciphering the names can take on a crazy journey. It could be the names of people or/and the names of towns.

For example, borders are moved and therefore the town is then listed under another country and so it’s in the language of the country it now belongs to.

This is particularly prevalent in Eastern European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Balkans and some of the Baltic countries.

For example, an ancestor may have been born in a town that was East Prussia or Germany but in the 1870’s when Prussia was dissolved, the border was changed so that town could be now in Poland or even Lithuania.

Based on this, the searching can be a bit of a nightmare even with the technology and the internet.

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Dark Family Secrets are Revealed

Do I really have a half-sister?

After enjoying an informative program on TV where, the topic on this night was a discussion about the Pros and Cons of having your DNA done because for some people, dark family secrets are revealed. I then had to ask myself; Do I really have a half-sister?

It seems that not everyone has had a pleasant experience with finding out the results of their own DNA and as dark family secrets are revealed.

It seems that not everyone has had a pleasant experience with finding out the results of their own DNA. And if given the opportunity again, knowing what they now know, would they get it done again?

For some people who received information that was previously unknown to them, I’d completely understand if they said no. Not only is that particular person affected by the results, but at least 2 other people will have lasting affects as well.

This is usually the mother and father with possibly an unknown man. Plus, this list can sometimes extend further depending on the individual’s circumstances. So where do I fit in?

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The Story Hunter. Where Do I Belong.

My Prussian ancestor's information was blocked by the Iron Curtain so it would be an uphill battle answering my internal question of where do I belong.

The Story Hunter.

I always knew it would be an uphill battle finding out and answering my internal question As The Story Hunter asking where do I belong gives me reason to work on it.

I learnt that having an eleven-letter surname that originated from Prussia/Poland/Germany was going to stop me initially. This was because of the ‘Iron Curtain’.

With information blocked by the Iron Curtain, it'd be an uphill battle answering my internal questions of where do I belong.
A Physical Iron Curtain Border

Anyone who wanted to do historical searches in this part of Europe was going to come to a dead end. So because of this, I’m sure others would feel the same as me as I always wanted to know, where do I belong.

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Similar Features. The Story Hunter.

Stories about hidden treasure are never found easily and just like the ancestors' there are similar features and The Story Hunter then comes in to extract.

Hidden treasure

Think back to a movie, a TV show, or a story about a discovery of hidden treasure. It was never found easily and if it was, how boring would that be? A pirate searching for treasure or us researching our family tree have similar features. The Story Hunter has the same journey as it will always take you through twists and turns and into dead ends before you get to the secret spot.

Then, when a specific location or clue has been discovered, the treasure hunter is then kept extremely busy deciphering the false leads from vital bits of information.

BTW: Have you noticed that the pirates in the movies always seem to look alike? They always seem to have similar features.

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