What is Context Switching?

In vogue

There seems to be a new ‘in vogue’ term that’s very real for small business owners or entrepreneurs. It’s known as Context Switching and while the practice has been around for years it has now come to the foreground for several reasons. So, what is Context Switching?

Due to our work life being so busy and with technology assisting us more and more we have taken on even more multiple tasks but, this is normal, Right?

Daily basis

These tasks have to be completed on a daily basis and as a lot of businesses are simply not in the position to employ a team of staff, these tasks are spread around to whoever is on the payroll or, if there is only you in the business, you’re it. And for the smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, Context Switching will probably affect you the most.

Context Switching is nothing new but is now in focus due to people multi-tasking more often and performed simultaneously which leads to less productive time
Multi-Skilling with Devices.
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