The Story Hunter. Where Do I Belong.

My Prussian ancestor's information was blocked by the Iron Curtain so it would be an uphill battle answering my internal question of where do I belong.

The Story Hunter.

I always knew it would be an uphill battle finding out and answering my internal question As The Story Hunter asking where do I belong gives me reason to work on it.

I learnt that having an eleven-letter surname that originated from Prussia/Poland/Germany was going to stop me initially. This was because of the ‘Iron Curtain’.

With information blocked by the Iron Curtain, it'd be an uphill battle answering my internal questions of where do I belong.
A Physical Iron Curtain Border

Anyone who wanted to do historical searches in this part of Europe was going to come to a dead end. So because of this, I’m sure others would feel the same as me as I always wanted to know, where do I belong.

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Similar Features. The Story Hunter.

Stories about hidden treasure are never found easily and just like the ancestors' there are similar features and The Story Hunter then comes in to extract.

Hidden treasure

Think back to a movie, a TV show, or a story about a discovery of hidden treasure. It was never found easily and if it was, how boring would that be? A pirate searching for treasure or us researching our family tree have similar features. The Story Hunter has the same journey as it will always take you through twists and turns and into dead ends before you get to the secret spot.

Then, when a specific location or clue has been discovered, the treasure hunter is then kept extremely busy deciphering the false leads from vital bits of information.

BTW: Have you noticed that the pirates in the movies always seem to look alike? They always seem to have similar features.

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