Brussels. Self Belief & Integrity.

Self belief & INTEGRITY. I said I was going Brussels and I did and never doubted it. Integrity is a characteristic that I've always lived by.

Self belief and integrity

Having a passion for travel and hearing that the great group of people that I’d just met, go overseas every 2 years I was excited! Especially when an upcoming trip was Europe. My self belief and integrity allowed me to hang on tight to the thought of going as well.

As it turns out most of them are keen travellers so when the Hash House Harriers meet up somewhere around the world, it’s a huge event. It’s an extremely long weekend of fun and socializing and exercise. Brilliant!

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Best Travel Packing Tips and Tidbits: The 3 ‘W’s’ For Packing Travel Clothes.

Sometimes it's easy to pack for a Vacation.

Deciding as to what is the most suitable and best travel clothes for an upcoming trip can be daunting to a lot of people so following are the best travel packing tips and tidbits.

Packing for any destination especially if it incorporates a flight doesn’t seem to be as exciting as it used to be. Once upon a time I remember, (Ooh! Am I showing my age?) when we could just throw whatever we wanted into a suitcase and head off to the airport but unfortunately, those days are gone.

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