Vanuatu. South Pacific Islands Getaway.

Vanuatu. South Pacific Islands

Living in Australia gives you the fortunate opportunity to visit Vanuatu South Pacific Islands. From Brisbane they’re just a quick 2 hour flight and although slightly North West of Fiji their culture and geographical landscape are quite different.

These islands are perfect for a quick weekend away! Lying under a palm tree sipping on a Coconut Daquiri while watching the Pacific Ocean lap the beach and coastline is a favourite past time. How good is that?

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Fiji. South Pacific Island Getaway.

South Pacific

Fortunately, living in Australia opens the opportunity to enjoy a South Pacific Island Getaway for a quick few days. This is because these islands are only a couple of hours away by plane for those who live in SE Queensland.

New Caledonia is the closest with Vanuatu next and then Fiji only taking a maximum of three and a half hours but these island nations are just a ‘drop in the ocean’ (pardon the pun😊) as there are hundreds more to explore!

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