Searching for my roots through our Family Tree is a long time passion and now my journey has directed me towards researching and creating our ancestors stories from this information. I am soo excited as being The Story Hunter, I can do this full time!

It all started a few years ago with an old family photo album that was given to me. I was amazed and wondered who were these people so I began the exciting journey.

Within a few months, I’d come across so many ‘pearls’ of information. It’s an absolute treasure trove!!

I discovered that my 5x G Grandfather Obediah Ikin and G Grandmother, arrived on the 2nd Fleet in 1790 as free settlers where Sydney was ALL of 2 years old!! 😊

Of course, I am ‘over the moon’!

Searching the Family Tree has opened up so many stories that the passion is now full time. Finding Ancestors stories has titled me as The Story Hunter.
18th Century Sailing Ship

But wait! That’s not all!

I religiously watch the television show about our ancestors because I just larv hearing about other people’s stories too. I can’t get enough!

With some celebrities having their heritage in French or British Royalty, the stories in these lines are bound to be documented somewhere.

With the help of soo much information that we can get from our DNA’s and because of my strong interest in this, I’m now being asked to help others sort through the maze of ‘roots’ and ‘branches’. 😊

For information on how I can help you ‘To unravel hidden treasures in your Family Tree’.

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