Busy lifestyles

With such busy lifestyles some of us just don’t have the time or inclination to research for trips. It’s just not convenient!

Others find the extra cost to go through a Travel Agent is way higher than the price on a website.

There’s also the interim payments and accompanying payment schedule which just seems far too expensive and unnecessary if the operator (the cruise line as an example) doesn’t want any more money until much further down the track.

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Booking with a Travel Agent

Have you made your travel arrangements yet? If so, has your Travel Agent been helpful and looking after you? Or are they too busy and they get you to go online to complete any information?

When booking through a Travel Agent, the costs tend to be considerably more which is for the service of having these things done for you which is why you pay the extra $$$.

But!!! What about the other extra fees?

  • Service or booking fee although sometimes it has already been added into the price.  Varying.
  • Amendment fees – can range $50 – $150.00
  • Cancellation fees (usually effective immediately!) varies but a couple can pay up to $600.00 and that’s without the operator taking their portion.
  • Commission. It has to be factored in somewhere.

And this is on top of any fees from the operators (eg: cruise company or tour company etc).

  • Sometimes Travel Agents will ask you for a payment earlier (it can be up to 12 months earlier ) than the operators require it. Possibly HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS OF YOUR DOLLARS (EG: $1200 per person. Depending on the trip) gone so soon from your bank account when it could be still working for you!

Online Bookings

Perhaps you have booked online?  If you’re acting as your own Personal Travel Assistant, you can save soo much money!

And online bookings can be great for several reasons:

  • You have plenty of spare time
  • You larv researching for best $ flights searching on multiple websites
  • You Larv researching the best value for $ accommodation searching on multiple websites. 
  • You Larv researching for transfers searching on multiple websites.
  • You Larv researching for suitable and fun day trips on multiple websites
  • You’re fully aware of dodgey or unscrupulous operators and websites.
  • You’re aware of the rules and regulations of operators and country’s visa requirements etc.
  • You’re fully up to speed with your country’s government safety warnings.
Ancient civilizations such as the Mayan at Tulum are intriguing so visiting their worlds highlights characteristics about us.
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When you think about it, it’s mind-boggling how much time and effort it actually takes to research for just a simple holiday of the 3 main items – flights, accommodation and transfers. You may also need:

Rail passes – that’s a time nightmare in itself!

Day tours – can really eat into your time as they can only be searched and booked individually. 

Just to name the key elements of the trip as above but what about Visas, medical requirements, currencies etc? Are they necessary? Where/how do you apply? Etc. Etc.

If you have the time, it’s not a problem but I guess you have to ask yourself: Is it really convenient for you? and What is your time worth?

What is your hourly rate? Can your time be better spent on something else?

Hiking Mt Warning is a challenge for those who do this in the early morning dark.
The higher up the mountain you go the rockier the track becomes.

Scammers and Unscrupulous Operators

While your time is precious, how well do you know these websites? Are they legitimate? How do you know if they are unsafe, unscrupulous or a scammer?

The website looks ok. The price is fair and the pictures on the website look good but when you’re unfamiliar with the site or the region that you want to travel to, how can you tell?

and after you book, will there be after sales service? What if something needs to be changed? Is there a contact number? Will they respond in time?

Some websites do not want to know and you cannot get in touch with them other than email where they do not reply. And that can be so frustrating.

There are copious ways to save money on your next vacation, from the flights through to what you decide to eat and even including the tipping.
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TIP: Airlines can prevent you from boarding if there is an error in the spelling of a name or in the birth date? (Near enough is not good enough) Booking online with that cheap website is not so cheap after all. Extremely expensive mistakes! Any of the savings that you thought you had are gone.

FACT: In January 2019 one was reported on the news. This operator continued to take $$$ for bookings but, on the day of the event, when the people turned up for their first leg, the boat ride to the venue, the boat didn’t show. They were fleeced of their money; it was thousands of dollars from trusting customers.

Needless to say, the event that they were going to never eventuated and the customers were never re-imbursed.

Travel Insurance

Have you contacted your travel Insurance provider? Do you know what the fine print says in regards to booking with some of the sites? Will you be covered for such a simple error where the website will not respond to your calls?

Don’t be a goose! Always have travel insurance.


To re-cap as discussed mentioned above:

  • Researching your holiday yourself takes up precious family or work time.
  • Booking on unknown websites with unknown operators is fraught with serious concerns.
  • Booking through a Travel Agent could cost you a phenomenal amount of $$$.
  • You have your precious family or work time back.
  • Your stress levels from 2nd guessing reputable operators online are non-existent.
  • You know that any changes made after booking will be the operators’ only.

We make it easy, convenient and stress-free.

You remain in control of your bookings and you don’t waste your precious time.

We can assist with suggestions of reputable operators who can offer value for money products and services. 😊 All of this is in the Travel Assistant Kit.

There are copious ways to save money on your next vacation, from the flights through to what you decide to eat and even including the tipping.

Being a professional Travel Consultant this is my expertise and we can offer you a choice:

  1. Suggestions for your trip only – the Complete Travel Strategist Kit
  2. Take the next step; after you’ve booked we can create a fully customised/personalized itinerary

Complete Travel Strategist Kit.

Depending on the information that you have given me I will make multiple suggestions keeping in mind safety and health standards and offer links of reputable operators for the following:

  • Suitable Airlines
  • Suitable accommodation.
  • Suitable transfer options
  • Suitable tour operators in region
  • Activities/sights in the region by popularity or recommended
  • Dining options by popularity or recommended
  • Travel money
  • Health importance
  • Information about the region/country
  • Passport & visa requirements, medication
  • General information
  • Travel insurance providers
  • Currency rates
  • Travel Checklist www.donjonjourneys.com/checklist
  • A link to our site for easy access and contact. www.djjteam@donjonjourneys.com
  • Language website. If required and dependent on your request.
  • Information guide link. 
A Long Weekend in Key West
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Your Personal Travel Strategist

In this ‘online’ world a service such as a Personal Travel Assistant is unique.

We’ll bring a more Personal experience back while you retain the freedom of time and to book independently.

Our service assists with keeping $$$ in your back pocket and to eliminate the risks of being caught up with online rogues and scammers. Plus we’ll suggest safer options as we do the research for you and provide guidance and travel information for your upcoming trip.

Ultimately, you get the convenience of the knowledge given to you and still the flexibility to decide when you book, who you book with and most importantly, you have control of your wallet and finances.

You choose the style of your holiday EG: 5*, 4*, 3* etc. and the Travel Assistant Kit will be completed as per your style of choosing:

  • Your own Personal Travel Strategist to research and suggest flights (2 options), transfers (2 options), accommodation (2 options) and up to 2 x day trip options within your nominated trip/holiday.
  • Assistance with questions with regards to the specific trip related itinerary.
  • A 15-point Travel Assistant Kit full of helpful information that relates to your specific trip related itinerary.

In return you’ll:

  • Save precious time & angst
  • save $$$.
  • Receive a multiple points Travel Strategist Kit
  • Have our knowledge and expertiese. PRICELESS.
  • Responses to your trip related questions (max 5).
There are copious ways to save money on your next vacation, from the flights through to what you decide to eat and even including the tipping.
Rickshaw Rides in Beijing.

Be A Savvy Traveler

TIP: It’s a good idea to have an understanding of what to expect at your destination and prepare before you get there, and a Personal Travel Assistant can help with that.

Yes, surprises are lovely but…. The time you have on your holiday or trip is limited!

  • Don’t waste time organizing activities once you get there?
  • Just wandering aimlessly and undecided takes away from your trip value and time. 
  • Sometimes the only way to get the better rate is to pre-book (well before you leave home.)
  • This can cause you to miss out especially if it’s a special occasion or somewhere in particular that you’d like to go.

For example:
TIP: If you wanted to go the Edinburgh’s Military Tattoo, you will have to book well in advance. There will be no chance of turning up on the day.

TIP: Did you know????  If you want Abalone for dinner when you go to Tasmania it’s best to order it at least 3 days ahead!  Most of the restaurants do not have it as a standard on their menu as it’s best eaten fresh!

The details of our Companion Travel Service are checked to ensure on time arrivals.
Transfers are ready and waiting.

You are in control

Ultimately, it is your trip. It’s your decision so you make the bookings!

You make the payments and so your direct details will be connected directly with the operators of your trip.

*While all possible reputable operators are suggested, there can be no guarantee that these operators will remain with the same status.

Travel Strategist Assistance Form

The information below is required to complete for the Travel Assistant Kit form.

Please include all information, as well as any comments and submit below.

Once we’ve received your information via the form, we will be in touch.

Complete Travel Strategist Kits start from $169.00 (2-14 days). (1 itinerary per Travel Assistant Kit)

For travel longer than 14 days please email us djjteam@donjonjourneys.com and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

While communication is designed to be by email, we may need to contact you by phone.

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