We just Larv to talk! Do you have a question you’d like help with?

If you’re like me and prefer to chat to someone who’s in the know about any of your travel arrangement concerns, you’ll feel better and more relaxed after speaking to an UNBIASED Travel Consultant such as me – Donna. 😊  

Travel talk in a red telephone booth.
Hello Mum?

There are a number of reasons why you prefer to talk to someone directly as opposed to trying to work it out online by yourself.

  1. You grew up with direct communication and some of you are just not comfortable any other way.
  2. Always – the discussion leads to another question.
  3. You’re not aware of what documents are required.
  4. You’re not aware if any specific medical preparation is required.
  5. You’ve heard of some terrible stories of people being caught by having to pay earlier than required or worse; losing your hard-earned money by scammers and rogues altogether.

EG: If the cruise line said the full payment is not required until a certain date, why is the website or agent is wanting $1000’s of dollars so soon?

EG: 2. The travel agent is expecting the full amount in a couple of weeks. Why – When has the tour operator set the final payment date for 12 months down the track? Are the ‘final due’ dates similar?

EG: 3. Do you think that you should stand in long queues, if you’re about to purchase $20,000 holiday?  Surely you’d get better treatment and the deal will still be there???  Is the deal really that good a deal?

  • As an example; Can your $$$ work better for you in your account against your home loan until it’s closer to the actual final payment date?   

Just like so many other purchases, the cheapest may not be the best value for $$$.

Being a Travel Consultant, travel is Donna’s favourite topic and she’d larv to help you with your travel queries.

Cost of a call

A half hour call could have you pocketing some $$$ when researching and booking your next adventure. Cost is $59 per half hour call.

Just go to our Contact Us page or email us djjteam@donjonjourneys.com with your basic information;

First and Last Name, Email address and I will be in touch with more information.

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